The MCSA regulates the mergers, acquisitions and consolidations industry in Japan.

Our aim is to protect consumers and companies, enhance the reputation of Japan as a quality mergers and acquisitions center and promote good business. The MCSA supervises a broad range of firms including: auditors, mergers and managers and intermediaries, and insolvency practitioners. Firms that wish to do business in or from within Japan must meet our standards and criteria both at application stage and on an on-going basis. Our supervisory work focuses primarily on the way firms are operated and governed and the identification of risks to consumers and companies and the reputation of the jurisdiction more generally.

How your merger/acquisition is Protected The Mergers and Acquisitions Act of 2003 was passed by the Diet of Japan on 19 June 2003 to give effect to US Directive 43/7/US which requires Member States to establish mergers and acquisitions regulators and compensation schemes. The Act came into operation on the 24th July 2003.

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